Prototype Development

A Complete Manufacturing Solution for your Medical Device Prototype & Prototype Machined Part Development

3-D CNC offers you a complete manufacturing solution for your medical device prototypes and other prototype machined parts. From concept-design through production, we can optimize our capabilities to produce parts and assemblies with minimal lead times.

Our prototype development strength lies in our in-house arsenal of manufacturing equipment and capabilities that include machining, turning, grinding, and EDM services. With our ISO 9001 process and check points and in house Quality Assurance Department we can get you fast turn-around with documented quality inspection reports.

Fast turnaround and tight tolerances can be achieved with your prototype parts. Using a variety of materials during the concept design of your prototype part allows your design engineers access to accurate models of the final appearance. Our CNC machinists and project managers will help you with innovative suggestions for improved production and cost reduction ideas.

3-D CNC, Inc. is your complete solution and offers:

  • Prototype concept and design.
  • Rapid prototype development.
  • Prototype machining.
  • Prototype manufacturing.
  • Production assembly with minimal lead times.

Put our vast knowledge and experience in a variety of industries to work for you. We have worked with customers to develop medical device prototypes, computer hardware prototypes, automotive industry prototypes, industrial valve prototypes, and more.

Make us your choice for precision CNC, Prototype Machining, Precision Tooling, EDM Precision and Manufacturing solutions. 
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