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Best Customer/Vendor Relationship and Experience.

"This shop is the best customer /vender relationship/experience that I think I have ever had in my 37 years of getting one off prototype parts machined. Thank you Randy and company."

Paul Tacheron
Flow International, Inc.

Short Lead Times Meet Our Demanding Tooling Schedules

"We consider 3-D CNC a reliable manufacturing partner because of their speed, quality, and their understanding of our engineering requirements. When we are in need of an emergency repair we can trust that they’ll have the work done with minimum downtime to our production flow.

3-D CNC’s short lead times have ensured that we meet our demanding tooling schedules."

Jason Caskey
Toolmaker/Tool Shop Lead at Sil-Pro

Accurate, Fast & Fairly Priced

"We have found that 3D CNC’s expertise with small diameter wire has enabled us to secure small precision components with tolerances that enable us to manufacture highly competitive precision parts.

Their work has been accurate, fast and fairly priced. We have come to rely on 3D CNC as a critical supplier that meets our needs."

John Staiger
nanoPrecision Products, Inc.

Excellent Support

"3D CNC has always provided Kinematic Automation with excellent support for all of our needs. I feel that we have a great business relationship and when dealing with anyone at 3D CNC they are always happy and willing to help.

Kinematic Automation has very tight tolerance applications and 3D CNC has always been able to manufacture to the highest level required."

John Williams, Materials Manager
Kinematic Automation

Changed Vendors to 3-D CNC, Inc.

"We actually changed vendors to access 3D CNC’s rapid turnaround, precision results and fair pricing. Their responsiveness gives us a sense of reassurance as we complete requirements for our customers."

Jeff Davis
Advantage Manufacturing Tech.

High Precision

"Our business depends on receiving high precision complex machine parts.

3D CNC has been our answer in securing those parts with the speed, precision, and quality we rarely have been able to duplicate elsewhere.

On those rare occasions, when an error does occur, 3D CNC corrects it the same day.

We view 3D CNC as a partner in our business."

Ryan Jurgenson
Applied Kinetics, Inc. (AKI).

On Time Arrival

"The relationship we have with 3-D CNC has evolved into a partnership where orders can be placed knowing product will arrive and be accepted in time to support manufacturing."

B. L., Procurement Engineering
Hutchinson Technology, Inc., BioMeasurement Division

Customer for 8 Years

"I have been a customer of 3-D CNC for almost 8 years. In that time, we have developed an excellent long-term working relationship based on excellent quality, fast deliveries, and a fair price.

3-D CNC has supplied me with only the best parts, when I needed them, at the price I expected."

E. G., Manufacturing Engineer
Worldwide Dispensers